Finncon2004, Jyväskylä 10.-11.07.
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Low-cost accommodation

The floor accommodation is full on Saturday-Sunday night!
If you want to risk it, we can take a few people in line in case we get some more accommodation space, but we can't guarantee anything.

Cheap floor accommodation is organised at Valorinne, Kyllöläntie 16. Here's a map link (Valorinne is the red dot in the middle, the University Main building is on the top right corner)
This means you have to bring your own sleeping bag etc with you, we can only offer floor space from a big room.
The price is 5 euros/night.
Please note that you have to tell us beforehand if you wish to attend the low-cost accommodation, preferably before the con, but last spaces are available at the Con info desk.

More details:
Valorinne is 2 kilometres from the Con place, in the middle of a peaceful single house area. The nearest bus stop is at the hospital.
There is a kitchen which has a refridgerator, microwave oven and a coffee maker, but there are no plates etc. There is only one shower in the house, so be mentally prepared for a short shower turn.
The cost is 5 euros/night. We prefer payment beforehand to our bank account. The accommodation opens on Friday afternoon and closes on Sunday at 12.00. If you wish for accommodation for Sunday-Monday night as well, please let us know, we're hoping to organise a place for you!

If you want to come to the low-cost accommodation, or to helps us organise it, or if you have just general questions about the issue, please contact the accommodation hero Sanna.


Please note, you must mention FINNCON when you make a reservation!
The reservations have to be made before 15th of June.

Bargain-priced rooms are reserved for FINNCON visitors in the following hotels:

Hotel Milton, Hannikaisenkatu 29, 40100 Jyväskylä, Finland
Reservations: tel. +358 14 3377 900

Hotel Amis, Sepänkatu 3, 40720 Jyväskylä, Finland
Reservations: tel. +358 14 443 0100

Hotel Rentukka, Taitoniekantie 9, 40740 Jyväskylä, Finland
Reservations: tel. +358 14 607 237, e-mail

Free accommodation

Spend your nights in someone else's floor.
If you wish to offer your floor to Finncon attendants or want to ask about free accommodation, please contact Kati.